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About Asbury Thrift Store

I have often thought If the Thrift Store had a theme song that it should be the song From a Distance. People both living in, and looking in, see an affluent, empathetic and compassionate community. And, indeed Madison is all of that. But down deep, well out of sight, there is a need. Not only one need, but many needs. There are kids that need tutoring. Hey, there are even kids that need shoes.

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There are kids whose single parent work two jobs to feed them, leaving their youngsters to fend for themselves most of the time. There are senior citizens who are lonely and need only time. Of course, there are those seniors who need time and help with a utility bill. And there are those who try hard and just don’t have the means to provide the basics for their families. We see all of those people. We see them come through the doors of our store. Sometimes they come with a school counselor, sometimes with a minister, sometimes with a friend or even sometimes alone. And we help. We listen, we pray, we care. It used to be that the thrift store was in tune to that song mostly on that helping hand level, but in the past couple of years, the God that meets and exceeds all our needs, has added a new level to what we do. People who have taken a wrong turn need help also. They need a job. They need a support group. They need to have another chance at pride and accomplishment.

And so God leads them to us. And he commands us to love them and give them another chance. And he commands us to give them the dignity of taking care of themselves. One of the blessings he gives us is seeing where that person came from, where he is today and where he is going. And that happens one person at a time.

You see , we all need second chances, and we all need forgiveness. If you doubt that, shut your eyes and picture a sinless man hanging, nailed to a cross, He paid for forgiveness for us and for the people who work at your thrift store. And he bids us remember that we mortals, just can’t out give God.

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